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H-Cut is a serving set taking references from the multi-layered culture of Harran and it’s rich archeological heritage. The reason why wood was chosen as a material is that wood needs special care like Harran’s essence.

H-Cut is designed by Barış Gün with the craftsmanship of Hüseyin Aksu and produced by the women of Harran and the Syrian refugee women living in Harran for atlas design collection.


The income from your purchase is given to the women who play an active role in production. 

Material: Wood

30 x 30 cm
30 x 22 cm
23 x 25 cm
21 x 18,5 cm

Base diameter: 18,5 cm

Atlas; an open and equal platform where designer, producer and women's labor are at the same eye level and everyone involved in the project learns from each other. The atlas is based on a model that encourages women living in Harran and Syrian refugee women to take an active part in the production center in the wood, felt, ceramic and weaving workshops in the Harran District Family Support Center.

The project is managed under the leadership of Harran District Governor Ömer Faruk Çelik and implemented by Harran District Family Support Center (ADEM), which supports social transformation and development by enabling women to participate in social life. In the collection curated by Bilgen Coşkun and Dilek Öztürk, the founders of IN-BETWEEN Design Platform, the designers; Aslı Smith, Barış Gün, Begüm Cana Özgür, DAY Studio, INCOMPLIT and Şule Koç.

The multi-layered civilizations around Harran and Mesopotamian culture dating back 8,000 years are considered as the main references of the project. These civilizations throughout history; They are known for their social interactions with daily life rituals and their contributions to architecture, astronomy, mathematics, geometry and belief systems. designers within the atlas; they developed a collection that translated these references to the present.

Has participated in Milan Design Week, Stockholm Design Week and Design Week Turkey.

 A group of wooden cutting+serving board
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